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Beyond The Hits : Rhythm of the Streets

According to Davell B, good music can be discovered everywhere. You can find it today, you will find it tomorrow, and we definitely had it yesterday. The problem is that hardly anyone on the mainstream radio outlets seems to want to play much of it. They only want to play the same, limited number of singles that they deem the hits. Davell is out to challenge that limiting mentality with his new show on the IMG Radio Network, Beyond The Hits : Rhythm of the Streets. The idea is simple, don't just play great singles, play great albums. When you have popular artists who put out gold records, then you have a large community of listeners who love many songs on those albums that they never get to hear on the radio. Beyond the Hits plans to change that. "When I talk about the Rhythm of the Streets I'm talking about including that community element, where large groups of music fans finally get to hear more of the songs they love", say Davell. "The street part is keeping the focus on what the people want." Ever since he can remember, Davell B was around and influenced by music. He still believes that music can be a positive force and give the community something worth hearing. "Music has no boundaries or color lines. You can completely get lost in it. Everyone remembers a song or artist that somehow enhanced an experience or reminds them of a special part of their lives." Davell knows the power of good music and assures us that good music is not dead. With the array of tastes and specialties represented in the IMG Radio collective, Davell is certain that IMG Radio will be a place that DJs actually break new music again and form a strong relationship with their audience, as well the developing artists who will touch that audience. "The more talent you expose, the more good music the audience has a chance to enjoy", points out Davell. "We have an opportunity to be the outlet that everybody has been waiting for. We're throwing the genres and limitations out the window, and we don't need anyone's permission to do it." When speaking with Davell B it becomes very clear that it's not about selling singles and classifying music. He seems to say that if you can just focus on pushing boundaries and not units, then you will be in a class of your own. Davell sees IMG Radio Network as a necessary example for the future of quality broadcasting. Put the music and the audience first. "Beyond the Hits : Rhythm of the Streets, means good music for everybody," Says Davell. "And if you like that, you're gonna love this."

Johnnie Gee and "The Impact Record Report"

John, Johnnie Gee, Gatson has been in the entertainment, voiceover, and radio industries for over 30 years, and the first thing he wants us to know is that the IMG Radio Network is not your ordinary radio. "With terrestrial radio it's the radio consultants that say what you're able to play. They think that if you play a song over and over again, then it's effective" , says Gatson, "they don't really want to program the music; they want to program the audience. At IMG Radio it's the opposite. We're letting the audience program us." With Johnnie's new show, The Drive, he's taking it back to the tradition of the party DJ, remembering what it is to skillfully watch the floor and follow the pulse of the crowd. Johnnie believes that with Internet radio he can achieve the same level of audience connection.Through his years of experience coupled with listener feedback, call ins, requests and more opportunities for direct contact with the listening public, Johnnie intends to put the focus back on the community. He believes that it's not a question of trying to tell the audience what they should want, but rather giving the audience a wider range of quality music and letting them tell you what they want. With experience in almost every genre, from rock and contemporary to country and R&B, Johnnie Gee considers himself a connoisseur of all music,eager to share the best of all styles with the listener. "IMG is a wonderful thing, because I remember in my early days of radio my friends and listeners didn't understand that I had to play only certain approved songs and follow a format log", recalls Johnnie. " Now when people ask me what our station is about I can confidently tell them that we're about playing adult music that makes you feel good. It's really more about the feeling than the genre. If it makes you feel good, then we want to play it." Johnnie's philosophy of quality, feel-good, adult music is reflected in a tag line he's created for the show, "Your kids have their station, now you have yours." Johnnie Gee and "The Drive" will be a refreshing return to interactive radio, where the station and the audience share a mutually beneficial relationship. Gatson asserts, " The medium has changed and the listener is now fully able to choose what they will hear, when and where they will hear it. I believe that this is the perfect time for the IMG Radio Network, because with the incredible line up we have, if we're doing our job, you definitely won't want to change that dial."

"The Flow" with Tony Joseph

When you hear the word "flow" you think of smooth delivery, steady servings and seamless precision. Put that together with radio and music industry legend, Tony Joseph, and you have auditory nirvana. After some time away from broadcasting, the man once famous on Los Angles airwaves as DJ "T" is back with "The Flow", a show he calls a return to timeless radio. Tony remembers an era when songs could stand the test of time through superior arrangement and musicianship. He sees the Internet and new technologies as an opportunity to bring that era back. "I'm happy to be coming back to radio in this new era", says Joseph, "with these advanced and accessible media tools, we're putting the power and creative control back into the hands of the tastemaking DJ and an informed audience." Originally from East Elmhurst, New York, a young Tony Joseph helped establish the Mix Show format on broadcast radio as a bi-coastal, on-air personality and mixer under the direction of renowned musical tastemaker and Grammy award winning music producer, Don Mizell. Tony Joseph went on to become a visionary record executive, helping to launch the careers of such musical talents as Vanessa Williams and Tony! Toni! Tone!. Former V.P. of Polygram Records, Ed Eckstein, says of Joseph, "Tony has an amazing ear and a unique talent for knowing what music people will enjoy. I believe it stems from his many years as a DJ and his ability to keep people engaged sonically." Mr. Joseph says it's really a matter of moving away from the elevator music and revolving door formats, where you're either being bored to death or battered by repetition. "People deserve a station that just commits to playing rare and stimulating music", insists Joseph. "I want to give the listeners that excitement again, where they just don't know what's going to happen next." Mr. Joseph explains that good radio must truly be artistically produced and not just systematically programmed. It seems that IMG Radio listeners are in for a real treat, as a seasoned maestro returns to the DJ booth on a mission to please. With timing and talent merging at IMG Radio, Tony Joseph's "The Flow" promises to live up to its name and more.

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